The Bee Health Collective, A Fantastic New Bee Health Tool

Are you a beekeeper looking to find or post a job? Are you a student looking for bee-related scholarships? Are you an educator or concerned citizen looking for accurate, up-to-date U.S. honey bee colony health statistics?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then you should visit the Bee Health Collective’s website and have a look around! The Bee Health Collective has designed a “one-stop shop” for all of your U.S. honey bee information needs, presented in a well-organized, easily navigated set of menus.

In About Honey Bees you can find recent, accurate, peer-reviewed information on a range of honey bee relevant topics, from recent U.S. colony loss rates, to current honey production or pollination statistics, to what you can do to help our honey bees.

The ‘About Bees’ section is a collection of information on bee health.


When using Search Our Databases, there are two valuable databases that you can browse or search: the Bee Research Database and the Researcher Directory. In the research database you can explore how funding is allocated by research topic, or search for a specific subject by keyword, researcher, or institution. The Researcher Directory allows you to search for a scientist of interest, and is where you can submit your own information if you would like to be added to the directory.

You can browse some of the data shared either by suggested insights or more specific topics through a word search.
The website is also a repository of relevant scientific research publications you can easily search for.


The Bee Bulletin Board is a place where you can post or look for honey bee-related job listings. There is also a comprehensive list of funding opportunities, including research grants and student scholarships.

The website offers a unique platform to post or search for bee related announcement including jobs, funding and scholarship opportunities.


Founded by Project Apis m. and the National Honey Board in 2019, and supported by Bee Informed Partnership, The Almond Board of California, and the USDA, if you are looking for one place to go online to find out the latest buzz in U.S. honey bee research and industry, Bee Health Collective is an invaluable tool. Check it out!



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