BIP National Loss and Management Survey Open!

The 2020-2021 Annual Loss and Management Survey is live!

The Bee Informed Partnership team, in collaboration with the Auburn University Bee Lab, are enthusiastically inviting all U.S. beekeepers to take part in this year’s survey. The survey is open from April 1 to April 30, 2021.

Take the Survey Today!

The BIP survey is the longest national effort to monitor honey bee mortality rates in the U.S. The Loss survey was initiated in 2006 by the Apiary Inspectors of America. Then in 2010 the Management section was added in collaboration with the vanEngelsdorp Bee Lab at the University of Maryland. The survey not only estimates the level of colony mortality in the country, but also allows us to identify management practices that are linked to colony mortality.

This year, a few things are new to the survey!

  • Shortened management section focused on Queens and New colonies

In response to beekeeper feedback, we shortened the management section by focusing on two important topics this year – Queens and New Colonies. Next year we will focus on another important topic.

  • Both Small-scale AND Commercially-minded survey versions

Commercial beekeepers and small-scale beekeepers use different shorthand and keep records differently. They also can manage colonies differently. We created two versions of the survey to capture loss and management information in a format that fits each group best, working with a panel of beekeepers for input.

Both versions previews are available at Don’t hesitate to print your version in advance of taking the survey online so that you can be prepared for our inquisitive questions.

Just so that you know – your participation in the Survey is confidential. No personally identifiable information will be disclosed in any publication or presentation resulting from this research.

We rely on word of mouth to reach as many beekeepers as possible. Please share the survey announcement far and wide with your beekeeping friends and local clubs!

Thanks so much for your participation!

Sincerely, The Loss and Management Survey Team


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