Bee Lawns – Conserve Pollinators And Natural Resources In Your Own Home Lawn

Guest Blog Written By James Wolfin The turfgrass lawn has become a staple of American culture.  To many, the desired lawn is a lush, green carpet that is cut low and weed free; maintained to draw the admiration of neighbors.  We often go to great lengths to curate this aesthetic. Weekly mowing. Weekly watering. Herbicide applications to keep out undesirable weeds.  Spreading fertilizer a few times per year to ensure the pristine green color that has become an expectation in some communities.  But have we stopped to consider the ecological and environmental consequences of how we manage our lawns, and what alternatives there may be?…

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A Bee on the Wall: Transporting Honey Bee Colonies to California for Almond Pollination

Written by Grace Kunkel and Sharah Yaddaw, Project Apis m. team members Taking honey bees out of indoor storage (or an over-wintering apiary) and transporting them to California in time for almond pollination is a massive, coordinated effort that commercial beekeepers undertake every year. It isn’t just the beekeepers that make it happen; experienced truck drivers, state inspectors staffing points of entry into California, and almond growers all coordinate for this event. Most importantly, mother nature determines the exact timing of the almond bloom and the driving conditions the truck drivers must navigate to get there. Project Apis m.’s Director of Communications, Sharah Yaddaw, along…

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