Dan Wyns

Dan was introduced to honey bees in 2005 while in New Zealand on a working holiday, and he has been consumed with caring for and learning about them ever since. Prior to joining BIP, Dan was a commercial beekeeper in New Zealand and western Canada where he was fortunate to gain a diversity of beekeeping experience across a variety of climates and agricultural landscapes. He joined BIP in 2014 as a Field Specialist in the Pacific Northwest and spent 3 years working with beekeepers across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The BIP Tech Transfer Team expansion to the Great Lakes region began in 2017 to provide service to beekeepers based in Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York as well as wintering locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Moving to this new region has allowed Dan to carry on working with bees and beekeepers while returning to his home state of Michigan. Dan was born in Grand Rapids, raised in Grand Haven, and studied in Ann Arbor, so the opportunity to serve the beekeeping community in Michigan is especially satisfying. His family roots run deep in Michigan horticulture, and he looks forward to continuing that tradition by working to promote colony health and support local agriculture.

Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.