Eric Malcolm

Eric was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. After a short period studying Adventure Sports with a focus on white water kayaking, he turned to a life of sales and marketing in the fitness industry and began fitness coaching. He later moved into wine sales for a local winery. After some time, he decided to leave the work-force to stay at home with his newborn daughter and shortly after he finally evolved into a beekeeper. His passion for honey bees and edible landscaping got him headed down the road to starting his own small apiary management business, and that’s when his friend Dan introduced him to BIP! Besides beekeeping, Eric enjoys being in the woods, traveling with his family, making friends, and trying new things. He will eat just about anything considered slightly edible; bugs, plants, and even the most adventurous home cooking… except for Royal Jelly (he found out he is allergic to this after eating it). He also loves a good hug!

Be Involved. Be Included.Bee Informed.