Modified Hive Tool

This is a Hive Tool that I modified to meet my needs
This is a Hive Tool that I modified to meet my needs

Normal Hive tool functions

1. Dislodge Frames
2. Separate Hive Bodies and frames
3. Cut: weeds, vines, plant material, packaging tape, newspaper, pollen patty, taste honey,
open treatment packaging, slit zip lock bags (winter feeding). Heat hive tool with smoker to cut out queen cells. This is an important site to look at if you want to know and purchase quality tools.
4. Scrape: Top bars, bottom boards, telescoping top covers, inner covers, and stingers. This is important for hive hygiene: Remove burr comb and excess propolis to maintain clean hives.
5. Push: Down frames, smoker fuel and crush Small Hive beetles.
6. Lift: Frames out of the hive, sugar cans out of packages, remove staples, remove nails, clean foundation out of top and bottom bars.
7. Open: Package bees, paint cans, boxed equipment that’s packaged.
8. Nick queen cells out (if queen present), Pick or uncap drone and worker brood to detect varroa presence or SHB eggs.
9. Great to make peanut butter and jelly Sandwiches!

Regular Hive tools before they were modified.
Regular Hive tools before they were modified.

Modified Hive Tool functions (can still do all the above AND with those functions below) 

1. Uncapping worker and drone brood is more efficient and less damaging to combs
2. Easy removal of sugar can in packages (easier to get under rim)
3. If cut correctly, removes staples well. Good for removing the staple that attaches queen to the package bees.
4. Use modified tip to un-cork queen cages and puncture holes in feeding jars. Note: If the puncture is too large you can use plastic coated garbage bag ties to fill in the space.
5. Use Modified tip to clean charred debris from the lid of the smoker.
6. Sharpened: Assist in general hive activities, notch area can be sharpened to cut vines and rope. Note: Be careful once sharpened.

Hive tools after being modified.
Hive tools after being modified.

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