Bee kill in St. Paul, Minnesota UPDATE

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With help from Lucinda Swanson that commented below, we figured out what actually happened to the swarm of bees. There were two swarms that were spotted in Downtown St. Paul at almost midnight on sunday night. Lucinda estimated that both were about the size of her 6 foot tall son’s torso. Because it was so late and the night before the Monday morning rush hour, the St. Paul City Police requested that St. Paul Fire remove the bees from the trees. The bees were killed by the fire crew with flame retardent foam. The whole incident was unfortunate, but the city did what they felt they had to to keep the public safe. To hopefully prevent a similar kill in the future, the city has been provided with a list of people who catch swarms, as provided by the MN Hobby Beekeepers Association.

The incident in summarized in a Star Tribune article.

One of the swarms in downtown St. Paul. Taken about 11:30pm by Lucinda Swenson.
One of the swarms in downtown St. Paul. Taken about 11:30pm by Lucinda Swenson.


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