Sentinel Apiary Project

We are breaking ground in modern beekeeping. The stage is set and like most big problems, collaboration is key. As a Sentinel Apiary participant, you will get the tools and information you need to take your beekeeping group to the next level. By doing so you become a guardian of all bees in your region and together we will revolutionize beekeeping.

Applications are now available for 2016 and we are seeking beekeeping groups that manage 8 or more stationary colonies. We will arm you with data from Disease Load Monitoring and a Hive Scale so you may combat the challenges of beekeeping. To aid in this effort we’ve acquired funding to subsidize $300 toward the cost of a hive scale purchased for your beekeeping group. Join the science team that is helping beekeepers across the country!

Disease Load Monitoringsamplingframeofbees
Send us monthly samples of your colonies and we’ll send you reports on their Varroa and Nosema analysis. This includes a comparison with other participants and long term nation wide survey efforts. Management decisions made simpler!

Hive Scaleshivescale
Upload scale data with your tablet or smart phone and gain feedback on nectar ow, colony strength, and dynamics. One scale is great but we highly recommend a 2nd for additional data and redundancy.

Combine the power of Disease Monitoring for 8 Colonies ($399) for 6 months and at least one supported Hive Scale of your choice.

Solution Bee* Arnia** Bee Watch Pro Cost After Scale Purchase
Cost per Hive Scale $495 $599 $1475
Cost of Disease Monitoring $399 $399 $399 $399
Total Program Cost $894 $998 $1874 $399
Cost with Subsidy $594 $698 $1574 $99

*Discounted price offered by Brushy Mountain only for this program. Email us for the link!
** Special pricing for BIP Sentinel Apiary Program. Additional Sensors (brood temperature, humidity and acoustics) are available for an extra $149. Arnia Hive Scales require an $5 per month subscription but automatically upload data, can be monitored remotely, and have the option for additional sensors. Additional hive scales are $299.

Please note that participation and a Hive Scale Subsidy is limited to a first-come first-serve basis. Only one $300 subsidy is available per participant. To become a Sentinel Apiary please email, call 301-405-3799 or signup below. The deadline to apply is April 15th, 2016.

For more information and to view the current sentinel hive map please visit the Sentinel Apiary Page.

The Power of Disease Load Monitoring

Below are graphs depicting Varroa monitoring results. In the first graph we see typical mite loads throughout the season, with values relatively close to the national averages but the fall months are above threshold. The second graph provides similar information and also shows the effectiveness of a particular mite treatment followed by a possible reinfestation in October, which the beekeeper would not have known without Disease Load Monitoring. Both however provide amazingly useful information to the beekeeper about the disease state of their colonies.

Sentinel Hive Graph 1
Varroa per 100 bees between APHIS, all Sentinel Apiary participants, and “Your Apiary.” The red line indicates the threshold of 3 mites per 100 bees. The last 4 months are above the      acceptable threshold! These months are critical as colonies are rearing winter bees.
The month of August presents apiary Varroa load following an effective treatment. A spike in       Varroa per 100 bees occurred in the month of October resulting from a possible mite               reinfestation.

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