Get Ready to Bid at the 2022 BIP Virtual Auction!!

Are you ready for two weeks of fun for a great cause!?

We are excited to share that our biggest fundraising event of the year will be LIVE from 12am (EDT) on October 24th through November 7th at 11:59pm!

Join BIP for our 3rd annual Virtual Auction to explore and bid on over 100 items that have been generously donated by our friends across the industry to support a great cause! Check out the auction early at and click “BID FOR BEES!” Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram @beeinformedpartnership for details on items and donors!

Help us to spread the word on social media and to your friends, bee clubs, and beyond and get ready to help BIP raise funds to support honey bee research!

We’ll have a few things that make this year’s auction extra special!

Over 200 Queens (!!!) have been donated so far from our amazing friends in the Queen industry! Donors include Heitkam’s Honey Bees, Jackie Park-Burris Queens, Olivarez Honey Bees, and Woodcamp Farm! Queens come in sets of 25’s and 5’s so there’s something for any size operation! Many for requeening this Fall before almonds and many more for spring requeening or making up splits and nucs!

Native Bees from our friends at Crown Bees, for those who are ready to start bringing more natives into their yards and gardens! They have generously donated their Native Bee Chalet and are a source of wonderful educational resources for learning how to include leafcutter and mason bees into your pollinator friendly lifestyle!

Speaker Presentations for clubs and events on a wide range of topics including honey bee genetics, practical management practices, pesticides, health, diseases, nutrition, Varroa, Tropilaelapse, and the list goes on! We are excited to share that these speakers include some of the most exciting names in the industry – both well-established and rising stars who have most generously volunteered their time! Tell your local club to throw that impromptu Board Meeting and get ready to stack their 2023 speaker line-up!

Presenters include (alphabetically): Dr. Brock Harpur, Dr. Cameron Jack, Dr. Garett Slater, Dr. Geoff Williams, Dr. Jamie Ellis, Dr. Jay Evans, Kamon Reynolds, Dr. Kelly Kulhanek, Dr. Marla Spivak, Melanie Kirby, Dr. Ramesh Sagili, Dr. Samuel Ramsey, and Dr. Scott McArt!

Original Art works by BIP Board members and artist extraordinaires George Hansen and Julia Mahood! They have generously donated 4 unique and original of one of a kind pieces that will make your bee-related art collection the best in town! Come ready for bidding warfare! These pieces are pure joy to behold!


Books and Subscriptions from authors: Jen Manis & Jerry Hayes, Diana Sammataro, Thor Hanson, Meredith May, Phil Frank & Frank Linton, David Burns & Sheri Burns, Bee Culture Magazine, Dadant & Sons, and Anita Polly. These books include essential guides for beekeeping, autobiographies, insightful reading, children’s books, and of course some of the top informative subscription publications available! Be sure to check out this section in the auction to build your library (some books are even signed!).



Bee jacket donated by Foxhound Bee Supply

Beekeeping Supplies and Gift Certificates for operations from backyard to many yards! Items include (but are not limited to) cardboard mite strips, a Varrox vaporizer, Honey Sequencing kits, bee suits, smokers, a FLOW Hive 2, and a $100 gift certificate! A special thanks for these donations from our friends at Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply, Texas Bee Supply, Commercial Bee Supply, Jonah Ventures, Honey FLOW, Foxhound Bee Supply, Girl Next Door Honey, The Bee Store, and American Meadows!

Bee Feed & Supplements have been donated by our awesome friends at Hive Alive and Strong Microbials! Check out the auction page to learn more on what products are available for bidding!

Table runner donated by Linda Tilman.

Artisanal Crafts have also been a favorite this year! Handmade Kenyan leather tool roll, an artisanal veil, handmade clutches and wallets, skin-care items, handmade (pick-your-own!) ceramic mugs, and much more are all available to bid on starting October 24th! Our friends at Bella Beek, Sand Hill Bees, Lost in Pots, and Amy Burns Shop!

Hand-Made Jewelry by friends and supporting businesses Solana Kai Beads and Solana Kai Design are guaranteed to excite and inspire the mind and Bee Amour has generously donated an item that will dazzle your friends at every turn.

Gift Baskets, Boxes, Bundles, and Sets are also available for that perfect holiday gift for you or a friend! Packages including skin-care products, honey from across the country, products of the hive, books, shirts and more from The Best Bees Company, Greenhive Collective, Fabula Nebulae, Bee America Honey, Messner Bee Farm, Sand Hill Bees, and Bee Informed Partnership

Travel pack donated by Fabula Nebulae.

Apparel that is sure to impress the best “beeple” in your life has been donated by BeCause Tees and Johnny’s Selected Seeds. You can check out the great threads and by visiting our auction site. Need more threads? Check the Gift Baskets and Sets!

And Experiences and beyond!  Total Wine & More has generously donated a private wine tasting for 20 of your closest friends, family, co-workers, or Bee Club Members (available at your local Total Wine & More)! For those in or near Maryland, Orchid Cellar has offered 2 complimentary tasting flight certificates for wine and mead tastings! And get ready for the new year or get an early start on your health and fitness goals with Yip Fitness who has donated three 1-month fitness programs!

There are items from donors who have been received after this post was written, so remember to follow us on social media for more details and updates on new items at and!

A very special thank you goes out to our friends who have supported this event and those of you who support BIP throughout the year! It is the support of our amazing community that makes all of our work possible. We are humbled and honored!

Join the BIP team Wednesday October 26th at 6pm (EDT) for the Virtual Auction Kick Off Event. We’ll have a few short presentations on various aspects of our organization and will also highlight some of the special items donated this year!

Enjoy the Auction and thank you again!


The Bee Informed Partnership Team

Questions about the Auction? Contact Eric Malcolm at


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