Last Call: Auction Closes November 7, 2022 at 11:59pm (EST)!

With just a few hours left to bid at our biggest fundraising event of the year, we wanted to send a quick reminder to check out our Virtual Auction and peruse over 130 items that all have been generously donated in support of our work here at BIP. To join in the fundraiser, visit and click “Bid for Bees” to get your final bids in! Even if you don’t win, you are still helping to raise funds!

Bee Informed Partnership exists to serve the beekeeping community. The support of our generous donors and community makes this event an exciting part of our year and acts as a chance to bring the community together around a cause aimed at increasing positive impact we all can have on honey bees and our environment. Your support here and beyond makes our work and research around one of our most vital pollinators a possibility.

Not interested in bidding but still want to support BIP? We are currently raising funds to replace our South-Central Tech Team Truck and have several sponsorship opportunities for businesses or individuals! This initiative will directly impact our South-Central Tech Team mobility and help them keep up with some of our country’s most hardworking beekeepers during migratory pollination and throughout the season. Maintaining strong honey bee colony populations is vital to food security and this region directly impacts many of our food crops.

Is citizen science closer to your heart? You can support the Sentinel Apiary Program, by bidding or buying a Sentinel Pen! The Sentinel program helps educate and inform beekeepers of all experience levels about the importance of regular monitoring and health assessments. This program also teaches beekeepers what to look for to maintain healthy colonies and provide resources that can help facilitate early intervention as an important aspect of keeping their colonies strong. You can support this program by going to main auction page and clicking the “BIP Sentinel Pens” category.

To participate, visit and click “BID FOR BEES!” and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram @BeeInformedPartnership (links below)! Help us to spread the word on social media and to your friends, bee clubs, and beyond!

Thank you again for your support!


The Bee Informed Partnership Team

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