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Sentinel Apiary Monthly Memo: June Issue

  I don’t know about you, but my back hurts, which must mean the peak beekeeping season is officially well underway. The honey is flowing and supers are filling up. Do you know what your mite loads are? If not, Sentinel Apiaries are here to help. Sentinel Apiary participants sample 4 or 8 colonies for…

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2018 Sentinel Apiary Program Results

The fourth year of the Sentinel Apiary Program was another great success! The program included 64 beekeepers sampling 418 colonies, for a total of 1,901 samples! You can view the whole 2018 Summary Report here.     We are very excited to share that 2018 Sentinel Participants had significantly lower Varroa loads than the historical…

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2016 Sentinel Apiary Program Results

With the help of beekeepers all over the country, we have successfully completed our second year of the Sentinel Apiary Program! In 2016, 28 beekeepers from 16 states worked with us. Together we: Sampled and monitored the health of 289 colonies Processed 1,229 samples for Varroa and Nosema Shared data from 32 hive scales Collaborated with our beekeeping…

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