2017 Spring Pollen and Nectar Source: Pussy Willow


As spring approaches and the days grow longer, more plants are starting to bloom, including pussy willows. These plants usually bloom here in Northern California between February and March. There are several species of this plant but Salix discolor is the most commonly found. I usually find these trees near water though they are also…

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New Web-based Tool for Fast Identification of Bee Mites


Parasitic mites are known to be a factor in recent declines in bee pollinator populations. In particular, Varroa destructor, an introduced parasite and disease vector, has decimated colonies of the western honey bee, one of the most important agricultural pollinators in the world. Further, global trade in alternative pollinators increases the likelihood of moving mites,…

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Want to Help Bees? – BIP Tech Team Fundraiser

Want to Help Honey Bees?             DONATE!              Help us expand the Bee Tech Team program to improve honey bee health and safeguard the food supply. WE NEED YOUR HELP. The success of the Bee Tech Team program has created demands beyond the scope of our existing funds. To scale our impact, we’re launching a campaign to raise…

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Technical Transfer Team Job Posting – We are growing!


The Bee Informed Partnership (www.beeinformed.org) is seeking additional Technical Transfer Team  members to work with commercial beekeepers in the following states: Minnesota (serving beekeepers in MN and ND), Florida (serving beekeepers in FL and GA), Texas (serving beekeepers in TX and ND), and possibly two new teams in the northern Midwest and Northeast. Teams will serve…

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Explore the BIP Database


There is a new link on our homepage titled “Explore!”. Click here to explore the ever growing Bee Informed Partnership Database. Here we have new, interactive pages that allow you to view detailed honey bee health data from survey and sample efforts. You can view yearly, state loss data for the annual loss survey in…

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MOMs and BIP in one location – please stop by!


  For our local supporters, MOMs Organic Market in DC is donating 5% of their proceeds this Wednesday, June 22nd, to the Bee Informed Partnership. Please shop from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Ivy City location, come and meet part of our lab team at the store, get some great food for the…

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The BIP Box: June


Welcome to The BIP Box! The BIP Box is a new feature in partnership with PAm. Here we will give you short updates on our BIP Tech Teams and BIP projects.  We look forward to partnering with PAm to help get the word out on BIP activities through their newsletter.  Please join us here each month to…

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The BIP Box: May


May showers bring June flowers…and the BIP National Loss Survey results The month of May always heralds the release of preliminary results from our BIP National Loss survey. But before we get into the results and what those mean, May Tech Team sampling resulted in averages of Nosema and Varroa loads across all tech teams…

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