Tech Teams

We’re not just about the numbers. The heart and soul of the Bee Informed Partnership lies in the people that make up our team. Tech Transfer Teams are trained field agents who offer regular on-site hive inspections and sampling for large commercial beekeepers and queen breeders. The data they collect help provide large-scale beekeepers with the knowledge to make management decisions to maintain healthy colonies. Tech Team samples come directly to the lab and are processed very quickly to efficiently bring information back to participating beekeepers.

If there’s a problem, Tech Team members continue the process on-site by analyzing lab reports and working with the beekeeper to find the best options moving forward. We’re creating a real time feedback loop so beekeepers have the most up to date information to make timely management decisions in their operations.

Take a look at our Tech Team Members on our About Us page and see who represents your region. And don’t forget to check out the Bee Informed Blog, where team members convey their experience, knowledge, and opinions about their work with bees.