The Bee Informed Partnership offers a number of services to aid beekeepers of all scale, as well as industry research. These services offer in-depth insight into colony metrics. Below you will find overviews of our services, along with links to additional information. We would be happy to answer any further questions if you use our contact form.

Tech Teams

Tech Transfer Teams are highly trained field agents who offer regular on-site hive inspections and sampling for large commercial beekeepers and queen breeders.

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Concerned about colony health? BIP’s diagnostic kits include testing for Varroa, Nosema, viruses, and pesticides. These results can provide data-driven results to inform management decisions.

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Emergency Response

We offer an emergency test kit (ERK) that will help you rule out reasons for weak or crashing colonies. This ERK is designed to rule out causes of large scale, suspicious colony loss through small scale sampling.

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Data Products

BIP currently collects a wide variety of honey bee health surveillance data ranging from colony assessments made by our Technical Transfer Teams to voluntary online surveys.

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Research & Product Trials

BIP periodically performs field trials or contract work for industry organizations, researchers and pharmaceutical companies for testing the effectiveness of developmental or existing products and new management techniques.

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