Bag of Bottles (BOB)

A Bag of Bottles (BOB) is a great way to check your honey bee colonies’ Varroa and Nosema levels. A bag consists of 20 concentrated salt water sample bottles which you can use at your convenience. Sample ~300 bees from the brood area, put them in the bottle and send to our lab for quick Varroa mite infestation diagnostic and Nosema spore load. All 20 can be taken at one time or you can take and ship samples as you need. You will receive a report within 2-3 weeks with the results.

Take samples on your own schedule!

Bag of Bottles sampling kit



  • 20 small (125 ml) concentrated salt water solution samples
  • 1 data sheet
  • (optional) 1 funnel
  • (optional) ¼ cup measuring cup

BOB Instruction Sheet

BOB Data Sheet

Data Sheet Inspection Guide

Sampling with a Bag of Bottles kit

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