APHIS US Honey Bee Pest and Disease Survey 2011/2012 Survey Report

The APHIS 2011/2012 Honey Bee Pest and Disease Survey report

This report details the result of a year long, 35 state honey bee survey that, as a primary goal, looked for invasive species such as the parasitic mite, Tropilaelaps spp., the Asian honey bee, A. cerana and Slow Paralysis virus (SPV), not known to be in the US at this time. Further honey bee health data were collected and will be added to the Bee Informed Partnership database to help interpret ongoing and future epidemiological studies. This report and previous year reports are available at http://www.aphis.usda.gov/plant_health/plant_pest_info/honey_bees/index.shtml

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The Bee Informed Team regularly announces the release of results at beeinformed.org. The Bee Informed Partnership is an extension project that endeavors to decrease the number of honey bee colonies that die over the winter. A listing of all project activity reports can be found at the 'Results' tab above. Results published in scientific journals are included as links. Who's on the team? See the Team Pages.

6 thoughts on “APHIS US Honey Bee Pest and Disease Survey 2011/2012 Survey Report

  1. Started one last season didn’t make it through the first part of winter …. looked like a combination of pesticides, Varroa and then mice chewed there way in and that was the final straw …

  2. Got set up with nuc in early 2013. I located Hive in a Sourwood grove. Fought mice, ants, European hornets. All bees died in Fall. Saw some hive beetles. Frames were totally empty. Will try again in 2014.

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