Bee Informed National Management Survey 2011-2012

Management Survey 2011 – 2012

How average losses were calculated and presented

Summary of respondent losses

Varroa control

Tracheal mite control 

Bacterial brood disease control 

Nosema control 

Carbohydrate Feed

Protein Feed

Feed Supplements 

Comb Management

Small Hive Beetle Control 

Winter Preparation

Treatment of Dead Outs and Colony Replacement

Colony Placement and Honey Production 

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The Bee Informed Team regularly announces the release of results at The Bee Informed Partnership is an extension project that endeavors to decrease the number of honey bee colonies that die over the winter. A listing of all project activity reports can be found at the 'Results' tab above. Results published in scientific journals are included as links. Who's on the team? See the Team Pages.