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The National Honey Bee Survey, in conjunction with the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) and the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), is a comprehensive examination of colony health throughout apiaries in the United States.  The NHBS began in 2009 to address the emerging concern about the diminishing health of honey bee colonies.  This survey takes an epidemiological approach to document honey bee diseases, pests and pathogens.  Additionally this survey has a monitoring attribute that tests for the presence or absence of invasive threats to honey bee colony health.  These possible threats would be Tropilaelaps clareae, Apis cerana, and Slow Bee Paralysis Virus.  An additional objective of this survey is colony pesticide analysis to asses both the variety and quantity of pesticides present in honey bee hives.

APHIS NHBS Research Results


NHBS Project Plan 2016
Outline of the survey’s objectives and goals

NHBS Project Plan 2015
Outline of the survey’s objectives and goals

NHBS Project Plan 2014
Outline of the survey’s objectives and goals.

NHBS Project Plan 2013
Outline of the survey’s objectives and goals.

NHBS 2014-2015
Survey Results from 2014-2015

NHBS 2013-2014
Survey Results from 2013-2014

NHBS 2012-2013
Survey Results from 2012-2013

NHBS 2011-2012
Survey Results from 2011-2012

NHBS 2010-2011
Survey Results from 2010-2011

NHBS Pilot 2009-2010
Survey Results from 2009-2010

Media Links

National Honey Bee Survey Sample Collection Training
Overview of the APHIS NHBS survey with Robyn Rose and training video for sample collection from colonies.

NHBS Wax Sampling Protocol Video
NHBS training video for wax sample collection

An Introduction to Beekeeping: Equipment Descriptions
This video will introduce you to the equipment you will need to open honeybee colonies.

An Introduction to Beekeeping: Opening Colonies
This video will show you how to safely open a hive, what you may see in a hive, and what to do if you get stung.

Varroa Mite Detection and Sampling
This video was developed to train novice and experienced beekeepers to detect and identify Varroa mites

NHBS Survey Documents

NHBS Questions and Answers

National Honey Bee Survey Protocol

Pollen Sampling for Pesticide Residues Protocol

2012 NHBS webinar

USPS Regulations for Shipping Live Bees

Apiary Data Information Sheet

Tropilaelaps Information Sheet

Beekeeper Information Sheet (Word doc)

USDA APHIS Survey Links

Honey Bee Background information

Survey of Honey Bee Pests and Diseases