Worldwide Honey Bee Colony Losses Continue International Bee Research Association The world’s longest established apicultural research publishers  Press Release[embargoed until  00:01 GMT on 1/2/12] Worldwide honey bee colony losses continue Since 2006 there has been concern worldwide about losses of honey bee colonies, especially the phenomenon of “Colony Collapse Disorder” in the USA. Information about the extent of these losses […]

Certified Production in Honey Bees

  Product certification is a process designed to give some level of assurance to consumers that a product is produced under certain guidelines. In honey bees, we tend to most often think about USDA Organic certification of honey. However, there are other certification programs in honey bees including Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) and queens produced […]

Honey without Pollen

There has been an article circulating the bee world that I find really interesting and a bit disturbing. It is about how much of the honey purchased in stores lacks pollen. What happens is during the filtration stage of honey extraction, the company uses a really fine filter to remove anything that isn’t honey, so […]

Nationwide Partnership Seeks to Halve Honeybee Losses

News story at: UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania, May 19, 2011 (ENS) – A new nationwide network to monitor and maintain honeybee health is being created by the Bee Informed Partnership. Their goal is to help honeybees to recover from assaults such as mites, fungii, pesticides, competition by alien species, the disappearance of flowering plants, air pollution […]

PSU Leads Multidisciplinary Effort to Save Honeybees

News story at Researchers from seven universities, beekeepers in every state, economists, epidemiologists and others have joined the Bee Informed Partnership.  Senior extension associate at Penn State Dennis vanEngelsdorp is leading the project, and tells us honeybees are essential to agriculture. “About one in every three bites of food we eat is either directly or indirectly pollinated by […]

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