In the field: National Honey Bee Survey

This post comes in from Rob Snyder. This is a gigapan of Pat Stayer’s Queen Production operation. In the image they are breaking up large colonies into smaller nucleus colonies. These nucleus colonies will have a queen cell placed inside each hive. The nucleus colonies are then located in apiaries called “Mating Yards.” This yard […]

Committing to Keeping Better Records

When I first started beekeeping with just two colonies, it was easy to remember what went on in my hives from week to week and month to month. That was years ago, and to this day, I still remember both colonies surviving the winter only to die suddenly in the spring. And I still recall […]

Lessons From Riding Shotgun in the Bee Truck

As a new field specialist for the South Central region, I have the opportunity to soak up wisdom and advice from beekeepers, their crew, and my fellow BIP field specialists on the Tech Transfer Team (TTT). And you betcha when I say I tried to make myself the largest and most spongy of (Swedish) sponges. […]

Why I Keep Going Back

I used to be a regular attendee of my local area’s annual garden show. I enjoyed listening to the speakers they had scheduled each year, and I always kept a notepad and pen handy to jot down new plant varieties I had just learned about or some gardening tip I didn’t want to forget. After […]

BIP ArcHive: the free version is here!

The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) is pleased to announce the release of a new beekeeper management application that is a free version of its professional honey bee health and management tracking application at! BIP ArcHive provides a seamless way for beekeepers to record activities and observations in the bee yard, giving insights to improve colony […]

Kim Guillemette

Kim is a Master Beekeeper with the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association and is active with the local chapter, Beekeepers of the Neuse. She is a Welsh Honey Judge Candidate with the American Honey Show Training Council. Kim became interested in beekeeping after taking a class from the local beekeeping club with her son who […]

Catherine Crosier

Catherine comes to the BIP Field Specialist position from the East Coast where she spent the past year working as a technician on the New York State (NYS) beekeeper tech team out of Cornell University. As part of the tech team, she worked with beekeepers across New York to inspect colonies, collect samples, and provide […]

Leah Turner

Leah has a degree in Environmental Policy and Planning from Virginia Tech and experience with multiple nonprofit organizations with a variety of missions. Her career has been shaped by being the “catch all” person for nonprofit operations and HR procedures. Her very first position out of college was teaching kids a honeybee curriculum at a […]

The Survey Needs You!

The Loss and Management Survey carries many voices! It’s strength comes from the many beekeepers who volunteer their time to answer its questions. We’re also very lucky to receive support from a wonderful community.  Here are some of their voices.       “This survey is how we take bees’ pulse throughout the nation, so we […]

Loss & Management Survey FAQ

You ask, we answer. April is BIP survey time! Regardless of whether you are new to taking the Bee Informed Partnership Colony Loss and Management survey or a regular by now, you may have some questions. Are you not sure why you should take the survey? Do you wonder about some of the questions in […]

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