Moving Bees Into Almonds

Every year, beekeepers from across the continental United States move millions of honey bee colonies to California’s Central Valley, arriving just in time to tend the billions of bursting almond blossoms that require their pollination services. But have you ever really thought about what it takes to accomplish this massive migration? Colonies from every corner […]

Sentinel Apiary Program 2021 Wrap-Up and 2022 Sign-Up

Authors: Rachel Kuipers, Jeri Parrent & Nathalie Steinhauer Here at Bee Informed Partnership, we are excited to announce that registration for the 2022 Sentinel Program is open now through the end of April! Don’t delay – register today by completing the quick and easy online registration form here. This past season, there were 92 Sentinel […]

Esteban Eliza

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Esteban migrated upstate to study Game Design and Development at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he worked for nearly a decade as a software engineer on AAA video games, focusing primarily on User Interface/User Experience and audio. Esteban recently moved to a hamlet in the […]

John Anderson

John Anderson grew up on a corn, soybean, cattle, and hog farm in Eastern Nebraska. He currently lives in Sioux City Iowa where he has worked as a computer programmer since 1998. He has been a hobby beekeeper since 2009 and began raising queens in 2018. In 2020 he returned to college at Morningside University […]

Highlights From The 2021 California State Beekeepers Association Annual Convention

This November, several BIP team members headed to beautiful Santa Barbara, California, to attend the California State Beekeepers Association Annual Convention. The convention site was right next to the beach, the weather was perfect, and beekeepers were primed for an amazing in-person meeting, after having to go a year without due to 2020 COVID-19 restrictions.  […]

Small Mammal Big Nuisance

One of the queen producers I work with, Joy Pendall, recently told me of some pest and flea problems she’d been having in a few of her yards. When she first told me about the damage these critters were causing I couldn’t believe it – these mammals are not usually much of a pest for […]

Scooping Bees

To keep healthy bees, beekeepers must monitor their colonies for harmful pests and diseases. This commonly includes testing for the presence and abundance of Varroa, Nosema, and (less frequently) a number viruses and pesticides. To perform these tests beekeepers need to sample their bees.  It is not that hard to sample bees, but doing it […]

Dolly project

Anyone who has been involved in beekeeping quickly comes to realize that there is a lot of ‘stuff’ involved, particularly things that are only used for a portion of the year and must be stored for the rest. While brood chambers, bases, and lids are used year-round, things like supers, escape boards, top feeders and […]

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