Hot off the press: BIP’s State Specific Colony Losses!

This blog comes to you from the Southern part of the U.S. – Alabama specifically – where beekeepers are currently sweating away as they diligently check their colonies for food and mites! They’re preparing for winter already! As you know, these past months has been unusual in many ways. For example, lots of beekeepers report […]

Is High Fungicide Use Affecting Bee Health?

Every January and February, commercial beekeepers from every corner of the country send their bees to the California Central Valley to participate in the largest pollination event in the world – the California almond bloom. We (BIP’s tech team field specialists) follow these beekeepers from our respective regions to California to assess colonies and collect […]

Cade Houston

Originally from the Flatwoods of South Georgia, this Baxley, Ga. native now lives in College Station, Texas where he aids beekeepers in colony health monitoring and surveillance. Cade received his B.S. in Agriculture from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in 2020. While at ABAC, he founded the Abraham Baldwin Beekeeper’s Association to teach other college students, […]

Investigating Bees Via Pollen Analysis

The Bee Informed Partnership is fortunate to be active in both the bee science and beekeeping world, which leads to a lot of opportunities for collaboration and applied research. One of the recent ways in which this collaboration has come to fruition is an exploratory study looking at the potential to use trapped pollen from […]

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