Bee Informed is Wonderful, So Happy to Have Them

Holiday Greetings!, Beekeepers participating in Bee Informed programs have access to a broad network of apiculture specialists. From the Bee Health Field Specialists that provide hands-on assessments with commercial beekeepers to the lab and database techs, and subject matter experts that provide timely insights to current trends, diagnosis of observed problems, and current and best […]

Annette “Net” Meredith

Net Meredith joins the Bee Informed Partnership after serving many years in the non-profit and public sectors working in sustainability and ecology.  As Executive Director she works with BIP staff, the Board of Directors, beekeepers and other external stakeholders to support BIP’s vital work in honey bee health. Net was first introduced to the exciting […]

BIP works harder…

I want to start by saying ‘Thank You’ for your support of the Bee Informed Partnership. We are so grateful for you and those we’re able to serve and support through our work. The sense of purpose and community we all feel is like nothing I’ve had the honor to experience before. I know you’ve […]

What’s in a BIP truck

Earlier this month, we posted a blog about some of the logistics behind the exhaustive work that the Tech Transfer Team Program accomplishes and our Board has highlighted some of the impacts they have made. Our Honey Bee Health Field Specialists drive around the country to inspect, sample, diagnose, report and consult on honey bee […]

“Peace of Mind” Sampling

by Ben Sallmann, BIP Honey Bee Health Field Specialist, Northwest US At the end of the day, beekeepers want to know that their bees are healthy, well-fed, and prepared for the next season. Fall is a critical time for beekeepers because the condition of the bees now will determine the winter survival rate and the […]

Jeri Parrent

A California native now residing near Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. Jeri received her B.S. degree in Conservation and Resource Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where she first fell in love with fungi, leading her to pursue her Ph.D. at Duke University to study the ecology of plant-fungal interactions. She went on to […]

Let’s Hear it from the Board!

The Bee Informed Partnership, like many nonprofits, has a Board vested in our organization’s sustainability, success, and the pursuit of our strategic goals. Also, like many other nonprofits, our volunteer Board is composed of stakeholders who actually use our services. We are fortunate to have some of the best commercial beekeepers in the country on […]

The BIP Tech Team Program – We GO where the bees GO!

by Anne Marie Fauvel & Nathalie Steinhauer The Technical Transfer Team Program offers regular on-site hive inspections and sampling services for large commercial beekeepers and queen breeders throughout the U.S. The team consists of 5 distinct regions, staffed by 6 Honey Bee Health Field Specialists, providing services to over 100 commercial beekeepers, in 17 states, […]

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