Bee Informed National Management Survey 2011-2012

Management Survey 2011 – 2012

How average losses were calculated and presented

Summary of respondent losses

Varroa control

Tracheal mite control 

Bacterial brood disease control 

Nosema control 

Carbohydrate Feed

Protein Feed

Feed Supplements 

Comb Management

Small Hive Beetle Control 

Winter Preparation

Treatment of Dead Outs and Colony Replacement

Colony Placement and Honey Production 

Queen Management

Honey Bee Stock Management

Written By: The Bee Informed Team

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The Bee Informed Partnership is a collaboration of efforts across the country from some of the leading research labs and universities in agriculture and science to better understand honey bee declines in the United States. Supported by the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, we’re working with beekeepers to better understand how we can keep healthier bees. The key to our success is the true partnership we maintain across a wide range of disciplines including traditional honey bee science, economics, statistics, and medical research that makes all these tools available to this important research. And just as important as the tools are the people. We not only have the leading researchers in the honey bee industry, we also have advisory boards from the commercial beekeeping industries, almond and other commercial growers, as well as naturalists and conservationists from across the country.