Nathalie Steinhauer

Nathalie Steinhauer is the BIP science coordinator. She completed her PhD working under Dennis vanEngelsdorp as part of the BIP team, based in the University of Maryland’s Entomology Department. She previously obtained a Master in Biology from Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and a Master Research in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College London (UK). She leads all the analysis and reporting for our field trials, focus groups, and survey stats.

Her research interests range from fundamental evolution and population dynamics to applied work in conservation, with a keen appeal to ecological perspectives and to modeling. Her PhD work included conducting statistical and epidemiological studies on the data collected from the management surveys of the Bee Informed Partnership and analyzing the results for the use of BIP and beekeepers everywhere.

Steinhauer joined BIP in 2012 because “This is where you want to be to try and make a difference in honey bee health.

Written By: Alex Jones

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