Monthly Archives: March 2011

Katie Reports from the Field

The other day I did hygienic testing on Buzz Landon’s colonies while they were in the almonds. He brought his two little boys on the day we checked the test. They wore little mittens to protect their hands, but couldn’t resist taking them off to poke at the bees. We rode around from pallet-to-pallet on…

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National Honey Bee Survey

This is a panorama of our lab building sampling kits for the National Honey Bee Survey out of our living room in State College, PA. Questions and Answers about The National Honey Bee Survey can be found at this link. See snapshots and more detail about making up these sample kits at This year…

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Unhealthy Honey Bee Frame Gigapan

This image is a Gigapan, which means you can use the navigation controls to zoom in and examine the unhealthy brood. This panorama was taken at a quarantined apiary managed near Newport, Pennsylvania to study honey bee diseases. The diseased hives were donated by a commercial beekeeper, who was to donate several of his unhealthiest…

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