“Winter” Beekeeping in Florida


It’s cold outside. All 50 states experienced freezing temperatures at the same time this past week for the first time since 1976. While these surprisingly low fall temperatures maybe old hat for the rest of the country, it’s a little on the cool side for those of us in Florida. At 20°F, Jacksonville, FL experienced…

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BIP goes to Seaside


The Bee Informed Partnership was well represented at the Oregon State Beekeepers Association annual meeting held Nov. 6-8 in Seaside, Oregon. OSBA Vice President and BIP advisory committee member Dr. Dewey Caron directed events over the weekend and delivered a talk titled “How to Locally Rear Selected-Stock Queens”. The conference was attended by 250 people…

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Honey Bee Viral Analysis


The APHIS National Honey Bee Survey (NHBS) is a comprehensive physical examination of apiaries throughout the United Stated.  The NHBS began in 2009 in order to address rising concerns over the health and sustainability of honey bee populations.  The NHBS was funded by USDA-APHIS and is a collaboration between the University of Maryland and the…

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BIP HiveCheck Results for Oct 28th – Nov 10th


Winter prep is high on the priority list so if you haven’t started now’s the time! Over 50% of respondents feeding are using 2:1 sugar syrup, and a large proportion are implementing ventilation reduction, mouse guards and insulation. A small percentage of folks have started wrapping in tar paper, it’s unclear if that’s because it’s…

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October Bee Lab Varroa and Nosema Results


The Maryland lab has been very busy this past month! We temporarily relocated our sample processing while our lab undergoes a remodel. This remodel will permit us to process a larger number of samples. For the month of October (10/2-10/29/14), numerous samples were processed in the Maryland Bee lab.  The lab examined 1448 varroa and…

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BIP HiveCheck Results for Oct 14th – Oct 27th


Here in Maine we just had our first snow flurry of the season so we thought it best to start prepping the HiveCheck program for winter. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere! We’re working on making HiveCheck as relevant as possible during the cold months and to start we’re breaking down our national report into Northern…

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BIP HiveCheck Results for Oct 1st – Oct 13th


Winter is upon us and beekeepers across the nation are getting ready! Based on our list of suggested questions we saw a lot of interest in winter preparation so we added a few questions to the survey to dive down into what folks were up to. Across the board, beekeepers are certainly getting ready but it…

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September Bee Lab Varroa and Nosema Results


The beekeeping season keeps many busy in the spring through the fall and the Maryland lab is no exception. Traditionally, September is our busiest month for sample processing as most of the tech teams are sending in the last round of samples from the field. We also are spending more time reviewing disease load trends…

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BIP HiveCheck Results for Sept 16th – Sept 30th


366 Beekeepers reported in the latest BIP HiveCheck Survey and we’re gearing up to start shaking things up a bit with new questions for winter prep. This week, it looks like the honey harvest is slowing down and I’m sure everyone is getting excited with full shelves of honey in their homes and local retailers! We’re coming…

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Our University of Maryland Crowd Funding Campaign is Live!


We are very excited to announce that The Bee Informed Partnership has joined together with our home institution, University of Maryland College Park, to launch a kick starter campaign to help fund our Sentinel Hive Scale Project!  Similar to the Hive Scale Program, Sentinel Hives monitor honey bee health in real-time using hive scales to track colony…

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