Feeding Protein


Bottom Line at the Top The BIP survey is a significant set of data having included participation of thousands of beekeepers and tens of thousands of colonies. Although the survey has not yet become refined enough to give us causative insight, it does spell out some bottom line results. My writing is my personal take…

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State-by-state colony loss 2013-2014


State colony losses for the winter of 2013-2014 The Bee Informed Project.   The following table reports the total winter losses per state.  These losses were incurred between Oct 1, 2013 and April 1, 2014.  Beekeepers who moved their bees across state lines (migratory beekeepers) or managed stationary colonies in several states (multi-state beekeepers) are…

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Feeding Honeybees Honey May Increase Mortality


Bottom Line at the Top After reviewing the details of the BIP survey results for two years where feeding honeybees carbohydrates is concerned, some very surprising suggestions come to light. These results are statistically significant and come from sample sizes including thousands of beekeepers from all over the USA and tens of thousands of colonies….

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Notes From Swarm Season in NorCal


Spring has always been my favorite time of year – it seems that all living things are bursting forth with enthusiasm, and bees are no exception! Despite the huge variation in local climates and weather patterns, beekeepers in every region experience a swarm season, when the bees receive cues from nature that it is time to…

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Bee Educated! A Semester with Pollinaterps


I’ve been around the research block a few times.  In high school, I was involved in a student lead permafrost research initiative where I got the chance to travel to Churchill, Manitoba and get my hands dirty with my first taste of fieldwork.  I started in on-campus research way back in my very first semester…

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Beekeeping Equipment: Excluders!


The options for beekeeping equipment are seemingly endless. Lids, hive tools, suits, smokers, pallets or bottom boards; even backyard beekeepers need a lot of stuff. But how much of this equipment is really necessary? The answer is probably not much, but it definitely makes certain aspects of beekeeping easier. Today I want to look at…

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Honey Bee Saltwater Sampling: Efficiency Improvement


Since a young age, I have had an attraction to engineering and mathematics, narrowing down my ideas for the future with numerous years of study. Not until my later teenage years did I realize that I didn’t explore much outside the realm of engineering and math. I decided that if I took advantage of the…

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